Here is a piece of advice you should live by if you’re going to play casino games professionally: don’t play the slots. Play any other game, and there are hundreds of options at casinos like Eurogrand Casino.

You cannot develop a playing strategy on slots. It is mathematically impossible. Slot machines are the purest form of gambling based on pure unadulterated random outcomes. This means that you can never tell when a slot machine will pay out a jackpot. It can be in two pulls or two hundred thousand pulls. And if you see a slot machine pay out, it doesn’t mean it won’t pay out again in the next three pulls. There are no rules when it comes to slots. But Microgaming casinos, such as Royal Vegas, now have the option to play slots in "Expert" status meaning you get to wager on certain options and add strategy to the game. The payouts on these games are still the lowest, so watch out.

I actually learned this in stats classes when I was doing my degree. Numbers are never due in a randomly generated list. If you have 10 numbers your odds on each pull are 1/10. They don’t go down to 1/9 on the second pull and 1/8 on the third pull. The odds remain 1/10 on each and every pull. It’s a hard concept to wrap your mind around, but it is very important to internalize it. I have actually played machines programmed to pay back 100.7%, which means they pay back more than they earn. I sat there out of sheer boredom to see what a positive advantage looks like and didn’t win a single time. All that 100.7% means is that some lucky people will win more aggregate money than the machine makes in its lifetime. It just wasn’t me that day. If you insist on being bored, at least do it at Spin Palace, where the slot machine options are endless with variation and possibility and the graphics are at least great quality.

If you insist on playing slots then at least know this one “insider” tip. Don’t waste your time hoarding your money on small bets. Wager the maximum every time. It increases your paylines and it’s the only way to get the big jackpots (and the biggest jackpots are at JackpotCity Casino). But just so you’re aware, and you can verify this for yourself, slot machines have some of the worst payback rates at the casino. Sure, 95% sounds great. But is it as great as 99.7% for blackjack? I didn’t think so.