If you’re going to play professionally you need to know how to play the odds. This is pretty easy to do nowadays because top-online casinos usually report their payback percentage rates. If you play at the casinos I recommended, then you’ll find some of the best payback percentages in the world. If you want to find your own casino, then good luck to you and be sure to look for proper licensing and an eCOGRA seal if possible. This means that the numbers they display for their payback percentages can be trusted. I verified the numbers myself through statistical analysis, you will probably just have to have faith. To save you some time, I've made a list of safe, great online casino websites.

The payback percentage is a number that indicates what your chances of winning are against the house edge. This calculation exists no matter where you go play. It’s how casinos make their money. The reason playing online is so much better for professional gamblers is that payback percentages online are vastly better than in real casinos. You might have heard of an RNG when dealing with slot machines in the past. Online Casinos are based entirely on RNG tech.

An RNG is a sophisticated piece of software that crunches some big math really fast. Its job is to come up with truly random results. If you tried running simulations in the 1980s and 1990s with casino video games you know that the results were not usually random. If you played enough you should have seen a pattern. This is not the way to play or practice because it skews real world results and gets boring fast. Online casino RNG software is completely different. You will never be able to tell the difference between a real dice roll and an online dice roll. I checked and made sure that at 888 Casino the RNG technology is regularly audited and ensured to be safe, accurate, and fair.

Still, an RNG is a piece of software that can be programmed. You can tell it exactly how much you want the casino to win and the results will always allow that edge to the casino. This is important to know because of how the odds actually work. They don’t relate to each roll of the dice or each pull in relation to the previous turn. The odds are calculated for long stretches of time. If the payback rate is 99% then 99 cents out of every dollar is paid back in winnings to players. But not necessarily the same players who put in a dollar.

Still, the payback percentage is the most powerful tool you have in determining which game you’re most likely to win at. Use it wisely. It is one of the things that separates a pro from a Sunday warrior.