I have played at a lot of casinos in my day. I hail originally from Atlantic City, where I grew up. As a kid we played dice on the street, but deep down we all knew that the way out of the slums was making it big in the casinos along the boardwalk. When I turned of age I walked in with a pile of one dollar bills and never looked back. I made a career out of it. It put me through college. Even though I got my degree in econ. in the end, I never bothered getting a 9-5 job. I was making a lot more money on the casino floor than any firm was offering as a starting salary, so I just said “forget it”. All my degree was good for in the end was that I learned a thing or two about stats that really improved my game.

About fifteen years ago, or so, casinos started popping up on the internet. I already thought the World Wide Web was cool at the time, but when I saw that it could be used for gambling, I immediately saw the potential in it. Unlike the casino games I ran on my old C-64 and Amiga computers as simulations, these were casino games done right. The software actually provided random results, unlike the computer games I was tinkering with, and I could verify the data by tracking it. I realized that this was an amazing tool to run actual simulations in order to develop my gambling systems. I figured I would play online to hone my skills and then take my knowledge to the casino floors. It became apparent pretty quickly that this was going to be a waste of my time. The casino software online was so realistic that I could try my luck right there. They were accepting real money.

I don’t even bother wasting my time going to the real casinos on the boardwalk anymore. In fact, I no longer keep a home in the US. I have been bopping around the world. I’ve been in Finland for the past couple of years. Before that, I was in Thailand, and I have been looking at properties in Zanzibar for my next move. Thanks to the internet I’m not stuck in one place and I’m free to play online, where the odds of winning are superior beyond compare. I miss the cocktail waitresses and the free flowing vodka sometimes. But I don’t miss them enough to give up on my current standards of living.

If you’re a serious professional gambler and haven’t made the switch to online casinos, like Spin Palace yet, you are missing out on a huge amount of potential earnings. The house edge online is extremely low in most cases. I’ve calculated it to be as low as 0.5% in some cases, assuming you know your game. Independent statistical laboratories corroborate the data. This is not science fiction. As I said, before, I have played at a lot of casinos. Some were amazing, some were less so, and some were crooked. Here is a list of my three favorite casinos of all time. These casinos are where I still play to this day. They are my office and my entire career is based on them.


This is where I’ve been playing since 2005. They are a full service casino and they offer a comprehensive list of games in addition to being the sports betting mecca of the internet. This is the casino I have waited for my whole life. Their payback rates are astounding. Globally they stand at 97.5%. In my skills based games (you didn’t think I play slots, did you?) I can shave that house advantage down to 0.5%. I feel safe playing at Betway because they have their licensing out of the European Union. I’ve been burned in the past by rogue casinos. They made wild claims and fleeced me. But those were the days when the industry wasn’t self regulated yet. Betway is safe, secure, and it would be pretty hard to tear me away from them. They also have more games than I can shake a stick at, thanks to the Microgaming platform they use. I’ll go ahead and say it: I originally tried them out because of the £1,000 bonus they offer to new players. I’m happy that I did. This is my favorite casino.

888 Casino

This is the casino that started it all for me. This was way back when, in 1997. I have heard that there were other online casinos already running before 888 even opened its virtual doors. I wasn’t aware, being too concerned with my career at the time. Even when I heard of 888 Casino, I was skeptical at first. I still play there. My account has been active with them for 15 year and counting. They have done right by me. I play at Betway more often now because they have more games, but the 888 Casino is still one of the best places to play online. They even do certain things better than Betway. Reputation-wise, there is no comparison. They are publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange and they have 1000 employees. This is not just a casino. It is a well run, respectable business. The 888 Casino is also licensed in the EU, which makes it just as safe an option to play at as Betway. Another plus at 888 is that their games are unique. They don’t share a popular platform with any other casino. Just because the 888 Casino has been around the block a few times, does not mean it is old. The software is always up to date. I would say that it actually looks the freshest of all my favorites. Full 3D graphics and all the bells and whistles. I don’t care about these things, though. I’m there to make a living, not to be entertained.


EuroPalace Casino is pretty new as far as online casinos go. I only started playing there one year ago because a colleague of mine recommended it. (I say colleague, but we never even met. We share strategies and theories online). I’ll be honest. The only reason I even bothered checking out EuroPalace was because my friend told me I could get 1,500 free credits to play around with so I figured, why not? I did some research and found out that they are also licensed in Malta, which is in the EU so I felt safe enough to try them. I’m very glad that I did. They have really excellent customer support. Dealing with them is a pleasure. They courteously handled all my questions and I hung up feeling empowered. Like Betway, EuroPalace is built on the Microgaming platform, so I intuitively knew my way around. The games aren’t all the same, and the graphics are different to be sure. But it felt familiar and comfortable. EuroPalace is my casino of choice these days when I play on my mobile phone. They have a version of their casino that works directly in the browser of my phone so I can do some work while sitting in the sauna. I wouldn’t even put it on this list if it weren’t one of the best places I’ve had the pleasure to play at over the years. And now online casinos are going mobile! Meaning you can now play from any location and not just your PC and I believe that these online casinos are going to take us even further than ever thought possible.